Offstage, behind the scenes and other misc. fest pictures

Larry Chambers of Ecko Records, ?, Barbara Carr

Little Sammy Davis (r). I missed him jamming at the guitar vendor's booth

Art Tipaldi, Bonnie Tipaldi, ? (my mind is embarassingly blank here)

My friends Rob & Peggy. I brought Rob to his first Pocono fest 3 years ago. This year his was a party of 12

Rob & Peggy w/part of their crew, John? and Patrick

? (red faced again), Buddy Fox

Philadelphia Jerry Ricks hangin' out. He was playing in one of the area clubs and I kept bumping into him all weekend, even at a local convenience store Sunday night after the festival ended.

Dancin' Betty was back. If we could only figure out a way to harness her energy...

"Fun for the Whole Family"

Gettin' the evil eye from Shemekia Copeland. She'd just flown in from a European tour.

Alberta Adams with her daughter Sassy

Joe Weaver and Lonnie Shields

Bill Nolan of WPKN, Bridgeport CT and Joe Weaver. Bill remembered seeing Joe perform in the '50's

Kid Bangham of Sugar Ray & the Bluetones (right) was also just hangin' out

Jean and Paul Benjamin (of the North Atlantic Blues Fest), Lea Gilmore (singer, writer, and more!)

Proof that being the festival emcee isn't all glitz and glamour. One of Niles Frantz's duties is to monitor the effectiveness of Festival Director Michael Cloeren's deodorant.

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