Welcome aboard, I'm your driver, Dave Carpenter. For almost 8 years (ending in September of 2003), I produced and hosted "The Blues Bus" on 91.7 FM, WHUS and served as the station's Blues Music Director. Before taking the wheel of the Bus in 1995, I hosted Blues Before Sunrise, also on WHUS. That ride has come to an end, but the Blues remains very much a part of my life. The time gained by leaving WHUS should allow me to catch up on posting photos in my galleries here, to get out more to take more new ones, and do some much needed updating around here. Check the Blues Bus Concert Calendar to see what's happening on the live Blues scene, I'll still be updating that weekly for the fans, bands and other dj's who've come to rely on it. (I'm not really a sheep farmer, the picture above is one of a series created by my brother Al, who has provided a great deal of technical assistance in the creation of this site.)

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